Thursday, May 26, 2005

Canis Furans?

Aliquantum a meis magistro magistraque de residui cibi statu dissentio. Dicent me iterum me temptationi dedisse, furando heri fasiculum cybii ex scruto et hodie corii gallopavonis a lecto. Cum fasiculum cybii sit cassa et corii aperire possim, pessissime dolebam. Ideo, quia finem mundi humani et canini violavi, ad me clamitaverunt , sed etiam ullo delicioso cybio fruari non potuit! Certa sum in hoc aliquod praeceptum esse. Num facies furis est?

Alioquin, dies tolutim cursitantis et breve somnum capientis. Donec cras.


At 3:10 PM, Blogger Canis blogans said...

A Thieving Dog?

My masters and I are having a bit of a disagreement over the status of leftover food. As they would tell it, I once again gave into temptation and snatched a package of tuna from the trashcan yesterday and a package of turkey jerky from on the couch today. Worst of all, the tuna package was completely empty and I couldn't open the jerky. So not only was I yelled at for violating a doggie-person boundary, but I didn't even get to enjoy any tasty tuna! I'm sure there is a lesson here somewhere. Besides is this the face of a thief?

Otherwise, it was a regular day of jogging and napping. Until tomorrow.


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