Friday, May 20, 2005

Infelicissima luctatio

Cotidie, circum horam duodecimam esuriens fio. Si loquar veraciter, fatear me semper esurientem esse; sed illa hora cupida esus valde sum. Quoniam autem edere non possum donec mea domina domum regreditur, luctationi gratae cedo.

Heri luctans cum meo domino, nova actione usa sum, quae illum consternavit. Tandem, cum pollicem utilem et magnam magnitudinem habeat, manum differentiorem habeo -- potius pedem. Calamitose meus impetus oculum mei domini tetigit. Finis ludi fuit. Fortunate, mea domina modo regressa est. Illa meum dominum curabat, qui valebat et etiam, ut videtur, me amabat, quoniam mature cenam sumpsi.


At 6:46 PM, Blogger Canis blogans said...

A most unfortunate wrestling

Everday, around five o'clock, I start to get hungry. To be truthful, I'm always hungry, but by 5 I'm really ready to eat. But since I can't eat until my (female) master returns home, I settle for a good wrestle with my master. Yesterday, while wrestling I busted out a new move that flummoxed my master. Finally, despite his opposible thumb and advantage in weight, I had the upper hand -- or rather paw. Unfortunately, my attack struck the eye of my master. Playtime was over. Fortunately, my (female) master had just returned home and was able to take care of my master, who is fine and must still like me, since I got dinner a bit early.


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