Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Iter Improvisum

Putavit hunc diem futurum esse cotidianum. Cum mea magistra tolutim cursitavi et tum breve somnum cepi. Deinde meus magister magistraque signa itineris manifesta faciebant. Vae! Alium diem in quo sola canis fuero. Repente, meus magister quaesivit a me num sequi volo. Certe! Iter improvisum est cani tanta extasis.

In autoraeda circumsilio et abscessimus. Postmodo ad notum aedificium advenimus. Veterinariae! Locus est mihi posterior carus! Cum veterinaria ingressa sit, unam merendam accepi. "Woo-hoo" adiecto (imago infra), alteram merendam! "Woo-hoo" latratuque adiectis, tertiam merendam! In caelo eram. Cum exiimus, mei magistri videbantur laeti esse et ventrem plenum merendarum habebam. Omnino magnificum iter erat.


At 9:17 AM, Blogger Canis blogans said...

An Unexpected Trip

I thought today would be a usual day. My (female) master and I went for a jog. Then I took a nap. But then my master and mistress were making the unmistakable signs of leaving. Alas. Another day alone. Suddenly, my (male) master asked if I wanted to come with them. Of course! An unexpected trip is so exciting for a dog.

I hopped in the car and away we went. After a bit, we arrived at a familiar building. The vet's! My second favorite place! When I saw the vet, I got a treat. Add a woo-hoo (pictured below). Another treat! Another woo-hoo and a bark. A third treat! Heaven. When we left, my masters seemed relieved and I had a tummy full of treats. All in all, a most excellent trip.


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