Monday, May 23, 2005

(Paene) Felix Natalis

Hodie, videns signa et libicula et chartam donis velandis, puto felicem natalem meo domino fuisse. Cura mei domini donis deflexa, obrepens bistoctum arripui. At statim adnotavit et iterum defrustrata sum. Pro cibo, frivolum natalem capellum accepi (infra). Commotione antemeridiei perfecta, ordo naturalis iterum institutus est et brevem somnum cepi.

Postmeridie deambulabamus. Tempus erat cotidianum, sed locus destinatus erat novus. Iniimus in pergula parva -- et plena piscium, qui me non tenuerant. Tum copona mihi dedit non unam sed duas merendas! Prima est ista nova urbanaque merenda, quae cassa saporis fuit. Sed secunda traditionalis erat merenda cori. Plena saporis! Donec cras.


At 7:41 AM, Blogger Canis blogans said...

An (almost) happy birthday

Judging from the signs, cupcakes, and wrapping paper, today is my master's birthday. While my master was distracted with his presents, I snuck up and started to snatch his piece of toast from. But he took note and I was foiled again. After the morning excitement, the normal order reasserted itself, and I took a nap.

This afternoon, we went for our walk at our normal time, but the destination was unusual. We went to a strange little shop full of fish, which didn't interest me all that much. But then the proprietress gave me not one but two treats! The first was one of those trendy "homemade" treats that was not tasty. But the second was a good old-fashioned, raw-hide treat. Yummy!


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