Thursday, May 19, 2005

Res socolatae

Hodie meum carissimum cibum paene apstuli -- manifesto de socolata loquor... eheu, delectabilem socolatam!

Prima luce annotavi scrinium socolatae de mensa lectula cecidisse. Tanta occasio! Degi donec meus dominus et suus amicus taeniolam cinematographicam viserunt. Tum scrinium petivi. O deliciae! O socolata!

Sed antequam secundam glebam ederam, mea domina me scrinium manducantem audivit. Illa scrinium capessivit. Iterum defrustrata sum. Sed canis callida patiensque sum. Aliqua die... aliqua die ista socolata mihi ero. Nunc vale.


At 7:48 PM, Blogger Canis blogans said...

The Chocolate Affair

Today I almost snatched my favorite food -- obviously, I'm talking about chocolate... Oh, delicious chocolate!

At dawn I noticed that a box of chocolates had fallen from the bedstand. What an opportunity! I bided my time until my master and his friend went to see a movie. Then I sought out the box. Oh my beloved chocolate!

But before I was able to eat another bite, my master (the woman) heard me muching on the box. She took away the box! Foiled again. By I am a crafty and patient puppy. Someday... someday that chocolate will be mine. Bye for now.


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