Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tantum actuosum diem!

Tantum actuosum diem! Mane cum mea domina, tolutim cursitavi. Mille passus tantum spatium cani est. Fessa catula eram! Fortunate, meo domino carptim mulcente, antemeridiem omnem dormire potui. Tum caelum tonuit, sed latrans finem tonitrus feci.

Ante cenam, repente meus conlusor advenit. Qui quoque carus amicus domini mei est, sed illum certe vistare me puto. In sessorio culinaque officinaque tractavimus woobiculum attenuatum et luctati sumus. sene cane me, si ille me vincere vult, ista birota stataria plus exercere debet. Canis indomita sum!

Postmodo pro meo domino meus conlusor laborare debuit et vicissim somnus me vocavit. Otiosus esto.


At 4:27 PM, Blogger Canis blogans said...

What a busy day! Today I went jogging with my master. A mile is quite a distance for a dog. I was an exhausted puppy! Fortunately, I was able to sleep for the rest of the morning, although my master would pet me from time to time. Then it began to thunder, but I was able to make it stop by barking at it.

After dinner, all of a sudden, my playmate arrived. He is also a good friend of my master, but I think he really comes to visit me. We played with my old wooby in the kitchen, living room, and office. We wrestled too. Although I am an old doggie, if he wants to beat me, he better exercise more on that stationary bike of his. I am unbeatable!

Afterwards, my playmate had to to some work for my master and once again sleep called. Take it easy!

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