Monday, June 20, 2005

Pavo Infaustus -- Mirabile dictu!

Iterum me maxime paenitet vos meis nuntiis nonnullas dies carere. Fabula tristis mihi narranda est. Re vera, meus dominus meae dominae nubere non potuit. Causa miseriae est non pedes frigidi, sed pavo infelix quem socrus mei domini, birota vecta, arietavit! Caput super calces proruit, icens suum caput. Cerebro et suo iugulo et costis nocuit. Vae, vae foedus pavo, iste avis maleficus!

Triste sub posteram aestatem nuptiae differendae sunt. Sed feliciter, socrus galeam gessit et valebit. Nunc in valetudinario medicatur et spero eam suam valetudinem cito recipere. Sed novum inimicum habeo...


At 7:22 PM, Blogger Canis blogans said...

Wow! What an Jerky Peacock!

Again my deepest apologies that you have heard no news from me for a few days. I have to relate a sad story. In the end, my master was not able to marry my mistress. The cause of this misfortune was not cold feet, but an unfortunate peacock which my master's future mother-in-law struck while riding her bike. Head over heels she tumbled, striking her head and injuring her head, collarbone, and ribs. A curse on you, foul peacock, a nefarious bird.

Sadly their wedding had to be postponed until next summer. But happily, the mother-in-law was wearing a helmet. Now she is recuperating in the hospital. I hope she gets well soon.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger sipes23 said...

Birota vecta!!

Illam amo!


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