Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Execribile (et Sapidum) Scandalum

Hodie, canis mala eram.... aut sic iste homo vult vos credere me esse malam. Sed videtur mihi memet hereditario naturae paruisse.

Haec est mea fabula. Mane meus magister ad gregem Latinam venit (ille non patitur me comitari--puto illum timere ne Latinitatem eius supergrediar). Faciens quid faciam, petasonem olefeci! Petaso in sporta scrutorum! O Bona Dea, tantum repertum! Sed me esse calidam necesse erat. Degi. Meus magister revenit. Sed, cum ex aede linquam, impetum facio, petens sportam scrutorum et iucundum petasonem. Victoria! Et pro meo trophaeo, is venter plenus.

Sed meus magister revenit, et cum illo, nemesis. Non laudavit meum triumphum, sed "Tam mala canis es!" inquit. At, si me roges, dicam non mala, sed plena et felix!


At 12:39 PM, Blogger Canis blogans said...

Accursed (and Tasty) Temptation

Today, I was a bad dog... or at least "the man" wants you to believe that I am bad. But it seems to me that I am just obeying my instinct.

This is my story. This morning, my master went to his Latin class (He does not allow me to go with him--I think he is afraid that I will show him up, Latinwise). Doing what I do, I smelled pork! Pork in the trashcan! Oh Good Goddess, what a discovery! But I had to be clever. I bided my time. My master returned. But, when he leaves the office, I make my attack, seeking the trashcan and the sweet pork. Victory! And for my trophy, a full tummy.

But my master returns, and with him, Nemesis. He does not praise my triumph but says, "You are a bad dog!". But if you were to ask me, I would say not bad, but full and happy!

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At 4:48 AM, Blogger Scriba Latinus said...

Fortasse Latinius "exsecrabile" scribendum erat. Vale.

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