Monday, February 13, 2006

Tempestas Saeculi! (Hiems Anno MMVI)

Heri caelum deforis metuculosum, cum introrsus esset tam iucundum--sed metuculosum alteri, est maxime iucundum huic cani! Denique tempestas nivea venit. Vero sedecim unciae nivis! Amoena, iucunda nix! Nix super meum ventrem. Nix ad currendum! Nix ad adludiandum. Nix ad volendum! Nix ad olefactandum! Nix ad saliendum super meum magistrum.

Ille et ego ad campum niveum ambulabamus. "Rebus" factis, nos in nive adludiabamus. Tunc plus adludiabamus et tum amplius et ultra adludiamus. Post paene duas horas, domum nos contulimus ut conquiescamus et calefactemus. Nae dies optimus cani bloganti est. Fiat nix!


At 7:53 PM, Blogger Canis blogans said...

Storm of the Century (Blizzard of '06)

Yesterday the weather outside was frightful, but inside it was so delightful--but what's frightful to one, is very pleasing to this this dog! Finally a snow storm arrived. In fact there was sixteen inches of snow! Beautiful, happy snow! Snow over my tummy. Snow for running; now for romping; snow for rolling; snow for sniffing; snow for jumping on my master.

He and I walked over to the snowy campus. After "business" had been taken care of, we romped in the snow. Then we romped some more and then romped again and so more. After nearly two hours, we went home to nap and wam up. Assuredly the best day for a blogging doggie. Let it snow!


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